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The Codependent Millennial Podcast

Dec 20, 2022

Love does NOT have to be ABOUT PAIN AND SUFFERING.

You don't deserve to suffer & self-sacrifice in your relationships.

It's that simple.

If this confuses you & if you need some CLEAR, practical instructions about how to make your relationships and your life less painful, this episode (and this replay of the workshop...

Jul 29, 2022

Why do we put ourselves through so much pain and suffering all in an attempt to simply avoid feeling a painful emotion?

Think about it:  How much BS have you put yourself through because you were trying to avoid that nagging sense of shame, or that crushing feeling of loneliness, or the aching feeling of resentment,...

Jul 18, 2022

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I recorded this episode while on a wonderful & rainy walk this morning. Warning: it is RAMBLY. Very rambly. Also I'm out of breath. Enjoy.


Jul 4, 2022

(Links below) I hope you enjoy this tiny but mighty episode. We all complicate our healing sometimes. I want to remind you of some simple truths in this episode, and I also want to share with you my favorite way to bring myself back when I'm having a hard time.

You are amazing, brave, hilarious, sweet, trustworthy,...

Jun 30, 2022

If you listen to one thing today, let it be A Single Revolution, Shani Silver's debut book. It is outstanding and while reading it you will have no choice but to become a fuller, more joyous, more alive version of your beautiful self.

Find her helpful, hilarious, excellent writing & her VERY valuable patreon podcast